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Learn to use Sounds for Meditation and Self-realization

Learn to use Sounds for Meditation and Self-realization

Join us for an Instagram LIVE to Embrace the Power of Sound & Music in your Daily Lifestyle

Gain a new perspective about Sound, Vibrations & Music via this do-it-along session on our Instagram Live on 15th Dec (Wednesday at 9 p.m.) with Advait Danke.

All of us love music. We tend to listen to different kinds of music with respect to different moods/emotions we feel. It brings us a unique sense of comfort, doesn’t it? However, we don’t know where this experience is rooted from or how our body reacts the way it does when we listen to any piece of sound or music. We’re also surrounded by the most astonishing sounds and vibrations that however go unnoticed as we live on. Can sound actually heal and can we use sounds for spiritual awakening?

On our next Instagram Live, we’ll have Advait Danke, and with his help, we’ll dig deeper into this amazing topic with some tips and tricks, guided exercises, and sound therapy and understand how we can grow spiritually through these exercises. Additionally, you’ll get to ask any questions or share your experiences with us LIVE!

What you will need for this INSTA LIVE:

  • Ensure you’re in a safe & comfortable space
  • A bottle/glass of water
  • Pen and Paper if you would like to take notes

Let’s get to know Advait Danke

Known as Spiritual Catalyst & a Sound Alchemist, Advait Danke, has inspired a lot of people around the world with his talks and events conducted on Spirituality, Self Realization & Natural Harmonic Living. His cutting-edge research on Sound, Frequencies & Vibrational Technology derived from the ancient roots of Nada Yoga, Ayurveda & Raga-Chikitsa has enabled him to create a conducive environment and a methodological process to evolve and transform one’s Body-Mind & Consciousness with Sound and Music. Know more about him here.


Note: No need to register for this event. You can attend this Instagram Live by clicking on the attend button below or simply joining us on our Instagram Profile on 15th December (Wednesday at 9 p.m.) Set a reminder and add this to your calendar using the buttons below.

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Dec 15 2021


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  • Date: Dec 15 2021
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