The Basics

We are a Social Enterprise, focused on inspiring each one of us to share our experiences and knowledge with one another and foster an open environment of growth and mindfulness. 

To start off, we will be using interactive videos and try-from-home activities which will be freely accessible to all.  

We aim at providing true and real-life knowledge of people with first hand experiences that have shaped their lives. 

And so through Enlightened Sapiens, we are focused on providing a consolidated platform, where we can all be inspired to start our journey of self-discovery, supported by tools which help us become more mindful of our surroundings and who we are. And while doing so, finding ways to empower someone else and give back to create a sustainable society.  

We aspire to be the catalyst in a person’s life for them to take actions in the direction which would bring them happiness. 

All you have to do is: 

  • Discover your passion; apart from work, netflix and gorging on delicious food. 
  • We then mentor you through sessions and activities to pursue and develop said passions or skills.  
  • And once you’re ready and can make the time, mentor a fellow sapient in his journey following a similar passion. 

To start with, we have 6 core verticals, but we will be adding programs like science, philosophy (to name just a few) once we grow together and understand more about what you would like to learn. 


Many of us enjoy hiking or the thought of it. But, don’t have the right motivator or tools to make it a part of our lives. We sometimes tend to forget our own abilities and end up losing our sense of adventure. With this vertical, we plan on enabling our community to experience nature along with sustainable ways of bringing the lessons learnt by nature and the mountains back into our lives in the city.  


Have you always wanted to grow a plant but felt like you didn’t have that “green thumb?” Our community is filled with people just like you – some learning how to keep their tiny office plants alive as well as those discussing bonsai growth and sustenance. We’ve got sessions planned on gardening within the confines of your city home or on a terrace, increasing earths green cover, growing herbs, fruits and microgreens and all this with easily available household “tools.” Looks like you don’t need to be retired to start gardening.  


They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Recreate that moment, that feeling, that memory with understanding the A to Z on photography. Start with the basics of what makes a photo pop to advanced sessions on birding, wildlife, architecture and other types of photography with a varied list of contributors holding interactive and collaborative sessions. 


Through this vertical we plan to break the fear and barrier associated with drawing within the lines or having a realistic painting. Everyone is or can be creative and one of the best feelings in the world is to be able to freely express yourself through art in any form. Be it through sketching, painting, crafts, origami and so on, we inspire you to get that inner artist out and ready to shine. 


It’s so important to spend quality time with yourself – not just to function better but to also help you flourish. Through various sessions on meditation, healthy habits, better time management and a host of others, we will provide you with the set of tools that will make you more mindful and help you grow.


Physical fitness is something we should all strive for, and helps us maintain the overall quality of life. Staying fit and healthy is on everyone’s mind today, but a lot of important aspects get overlooked. Through this vertical we will be collaborating with experts so that they can share their knowledge to help you move closer to your goal of physical wellness.


Through this vertical, we plan on encouraging everyone to read and write together. For someone planning to start or someone who has been doing it on their own, here there is room for all. We have heard it often and know it well, to be a writer you need to be a reader first. Writing doesn’t have to be limited just to the elite authors and poets, we are all writers. And together we wish to read and write better.

Are you ready to start your journey?