Love yourself

In this, the author asks people to love themselves, and not take life too seriously. Shesays, we understand ourselves much more than anyone else and we know everything aboutourselves. She suggests that we take out time for ourselves in these chaotic schedules and enjoy little things inlife. You’re the only soul on this planet, Who … Continue Reading

Fork on the Road

This is a metaphor that signifies the choices we make to determine the course of our lives.Here, the author asks everyone to live life on their terms. Even if the path that they wish tochoose is hard, she encourages them to opt for it. She suggests making our life interesting incontrast to a repeated boring … Continue Reading

Growth – The loudest voice in my head

This poem is about the deep desire that the author has towards growth. Growth in her view isknowledge. She wants to learn everything and at the same time enjoy her life. She wishes to bethe jack of all trades and just doesn’t wanna stop. The desire for growth in me is like a never-ending road. … Continue Reading