This is a metaphor that signifies the choices we make to determine the course of our lives.
Here, the author asks everyone to live life on their terms. Even if the path that they wish to
choose is hard, she encourages them to opt for it. She suggests making our life interesting in
contrast to a repeated boring journey. She says it’s better to die with mistakes and memories
rather than with regrets and perfectionism.

Every second we make a decision,
And in every aspect, we are determined to not choose the risky one.
We are created not to live in fences,
We are made to fly,
Fly not in just safe zone, but higher and higher,
With our roots being on Earth,
These roots hold us tight on stormy days.

Let's not constantly agree to walk on the routes as often have been adopted,
Explore the hardest, riskiest, and the scariest,
Not the easy and comfortable one.
We are destined to reach our purposes, and we will.
Just the path we preferred will stand distinct and extraordinary,
Just like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, and not like a boring voyage.

We might have not explored ourselves enough to know which way is better,
Hence blindly follow what others decide for us.
Yet I say, explore everything and
Don't die of regret and perfectionism,
Instead, rest with mistakes and memories.

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