When you fall down, if you are lucky you will have a lot of people around you who will help you rebuild, but the version that you build yourself, is the one that helps you the most in life.

This poem is an annexe to the idea of “Grow through what you go through”

Allow me to fall,​
To let me grow ​
Don't stand tall,​
Just let me grow ​
The wounds might hurt, ​
The scar might burn,​
Don't rush with a shawl,​
Let me grow ​
If the glass is shattered,​
If I am hurt and battered,​
Don't worry to get it all gathered,​
Let me grow ​
I am the seed, the earth and water,​
I am the warmth, moisture and fodder,​
I will bloom, there is nothing I'd rather​
So please, just let me grow 

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