Imagine a cold evening with you and your closest circle of people sitting by the fire enjoying the warmth of each other’s laughter and feeling the hurt of each other’s sorrow.

For some this same scenario maybe a hot beverage during the storming rains or a long walk in the park during sunrise.

Basically I am talking about a space where you don’t have to think twice before you opine on something, you don’t have to worry about being labelled as an over thinker, a Go Getter, a lazy bum or a Confused Atma. You can be who you are, true to your ownself, without any gestures of judgment coming your way.

Yesterday’s meeting was one such experience.

More often than not, I struggle to discuss my actual ideas, thoughts, ask questions in a room full of people because of the tendency to put forward and image of being agreeable and amicable kinda girl.

But with all the strangers around me sharing stuff ranging from changing their cities to changing their career plans and getting applauded for taking such difficult decisions in life made me realize that Farhan Akhtar was right when he said

“Thoda gham hai sab ka kissa, thodi dhup hai sab ka Hissa”.

The more interesting thing being that even with a diverse bunch of personalities and personas, the binding thing for us all was the book and how amazingly Ritu and Karan took us to a different paradigm of thinking through their thought provoking questions and activities.

How, without any boundaries we were discussing what we would’ve done if had we been the protagonist, the discussion further bouncing to the writing techniques, to the impact  and the things we disliked about it. In short anything and everything that came to our mind with the advantage of being able to connect with likeminded kin.

What bound us was our desire to add a few more colors to our palette of life in the form of books.

So if asked again what was the most remarkable thing I did this entire month by anyone, attending this virtual book club meeting and enjoying it to the fullest would be my top most achievement in  a long time.

P.s – We were asked to imagine what freedom would truly mean to us , well freedom according to me is the ability to OWN YOUR TIME, to be able to do what you wish to do with your time without worrying about people, money or consequences.

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