Behram’s Boat – BookClub Review for July 2022

1. BOOKCLUB It’s virtual! YET it’s real!! The one of it’s kind Enlightened Sapiens Virtual BookClub We get together digitally, the last week of the month to discuss the book we have read that month and then the ones to be read for the next month are revealed (there are usually two choices). Hi! I’m … Continue Reading

The Constant Force: Change

Human life is finite. What’s your life story? Big question. Let me start with a small story of myself. Life as usual Growing up I felt like an ideal society validated kid. I did what I learnt matters: Study & behave properly. Colouring within lines & wearing uniforms to fit in & maintain the decorum … Continue Reading

Do you always ‘Just Do It’?

Penning down my thoughts and getting them read has always been an intriguing fulfilling task. But guess that is exactly the most procrastinated task in my life – Actually writing stuff down. Turns out that I always practiced the mental form of thought collection in my head or at the most, talking to myself to … Continue Reading

Hieroglyphs: A brief insight of the Egyptian tongue

We often wonder; how did the ancient people communicate? What language did they use? Was it as easy as we think we find English, or our mother tongue and the various languages in the world? The first ever way in which humans communicated with each other, or expressed their feelings was through paintings and rock … Continue Reading

11 Books that will make you fall in Love with Reading

When was the last time you read a book? Do you pick up a book, read a few pages and just put it right back on the shelf as you keep zoning out? Are you stuck in a reading slump or, you never really were into reading? The only solution for this is to read … Continue Reading

Gratitude – A Beautiful Quality Everyone Should Possess

Gratitude is a positive emotion which is used to express a general state of thankfulness or gratefulness. It forms a major part of positive psychology, which is a branch of psychology dealing with positive thoughts and emotions. It is essential to inculcate gratitude in our daily lives as it is these little basic things in … Continue Reading

Tell the moon…not to set tonight

‘Tell the moon…not to set tonight‘ Is the English translation of the Gujarati song ‘Chand ne kaho aaje’ from the movie Chal jeevi laiye. I’m restructuring the song in my words, in a language spoken by most of us. I’m doing this so that the people who can’t understand Gujarati can also understand this beautiful … Continue Reading

Language – A Door to the World

A world tour is probably everyone’s dream. Getting a job in a foreign country is that milestone which most of us strive to achieve. When it comes to education, the USA and some of the European countries are a talk of the town. While a mastermind might land a job abroad or secure admission in … Continue Reading

Realization with Poetry

I have never started a poem whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering. Robert Frost These lines sum up the art of writing poetry. Poetry as an art isn’t something grand or filled with verbatim but, it is us just discovering our thoughts and ourselves as we go on writing. I was barely … Continue Reading

The lines I clung on to in 2020

I live for the moments when I first discover perfectly well-crafted statements that speak of an unacknowledged truth that my heart so deeply longed for and then wished that it had said it first. But more importantly, I live for that moment when I am so awed by its beauty. And though there’s a tinge … Continue Reading