Reading and Writing goes together, doesn’t it? To encourage the art of writing amongst our community, we had given the following writing prompt during our monthly Virtual BookClub meeting held on 25th Nov 2022. We were discussing the book – The Giver by Louis Lowry. The writing prompt related closesly to the book discussion and was given by our Guest Speaker – Creative Writing Coach, Ritu Rathod.

The following are some of the splendid responses that we received by our BookClub members. They’re just 30 second reads and we are sure they will leave you with a sense of inspiration. Let us know what you think of these in the comments below.

You can even try this activity and add your own below!

Freedom- is not being afraid to be who you are…to be able to make your own choices
Freedom is watching the sun rise & set in different places in the world
Nishtha Laspal
The right to be what I am and want to be is freedom for me.
Tolerance..religious and political signifies freedom for me.
Having a voice..guts to defy denotes freedom for me.
And yes.. being able to and travel..these, indeed, personify freedom for me!
Saloni Poddar
To be able to choose – at any point under any circumstance. Thats freedom for me.
Debanjana Saha
Living without being judged is freedom.
Freedom is to be able to be whoever you want and not what others tell you to be. Freedom is to be able to love whoever you want. Freedom is to believe in God without the stereotype of what man made religion into. Freedom is to be able to breathe with the absence of the world’s expectations.
The thrum of the twin cylinders,
The explosive expulsion of the exhaust,
The vibration of the foopegs,
The whine of the gears,

My steel steed has a life,
It’s her own and shared with me,
She’s taken me to places far and near,
With gaiety in my heart and her own.

The wind cooling me down,
The sun warming me up,
The unblemished landscape insulating me,
The thoughts in my head elevating.

A village flashing off to my side,
None stirring from their houses,
The silent fields murmuring,
Have given me this boon.

The fork up ahead is enticing,
Go left to the ocean shores,
To the unending horizons and,
Promises of untouched lands,

Go right to the peaks Invisible,
To touch the sky and,
Feel the proximity to the One,
The Choice is mine alone.

No fear, no doubt, no guilt,
A choice forever mine,
The road beckons me either way,
But I can only choose the One.

A choice that I make,
A choice that I cherish,
Being here and now,
In all its glory is my Freedom.
Aniruddha Hombali
Freedom is being the driver of the car
You hold the steering wheel
You can speed up or slow down
You can drive on rocky terrain or smooth lanes
You can choose to take the road less travelled
You can take directions from others but in the end, it’s up to you where you want to go
Freedom is the ability to transform an abstract floating idea and give it a home in reality, tangible enough to take up space and make its presence felt.
Bhavna Tanwani
Freedom for me would be being the most precious diamond and not being available to be worn by anyone else!
Vijayashree Rao
Freedom, as a precondition for a full existence, breathes through us in its many manifestations – from movement and thought to emotion, articulation, creation and, at its most refined, salvation.
When I reach for its roots I find knowledge, of the Self and the interconnected, from whence I expand.
When I am trapped in the confines of body and mind, I reach for meaning – that rainbow which arches over banality and it’s disdains, shows me vast scapes of an undulating cosmos, the endless rippling of the human condition.
And then, I see.
To know, is to be free.
Bianca Goshar
Intoxicating mountain air
Rhythmic flutter of wings
Wind blowing through your hair
A path in every direction
A taste of FREEDOM!

A 5 line poem I tried using our 5 senses and incorporating imagery.
Smell. Sound. Touch. Sight. Taste
Tried to be within the writing prompt, although whenever I think of “Freedom” new perspectives are highlighted – Freedom and more importantly lack thereof. Both sides.

Karan M

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