Gratitude – A Beautiful Quality Everyone Should Possess

Gratitude is a positive emotion which is used to express a general state of thankfulness or gratefulness. It forms a major part of positive psychology, which is a branch of psychology dealing with positive thoughts and emotions. It is essential to inculcate gratitude in our daily lives as it is these little basic things in … Continue Reading

Tell the moon…not to set tonight

‘Tell the moon…not to set tonight‘ Is the English translation of the Gujarati song ‘Chand ne kaho aaje’ from the movie Chal jeevi laiye. I’m restructuring the song in my words, in a language spoken by most of us. I’m doing this so that the people who can’t understand Gujarati can also understand this beautiful … Continue Reading

Language – A Door to the World

A world tour is probably everyone’s dream. Getting a job in a foreign country is that milestone which most of us strive to achieve. When it comes to education, the USA and some of the European countries are a talk of the town. While a mastermind might land a job abroad or secure admission in … Continue Reading

Realization with Poetry

I have never started a poem whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering. Robert Frost These lines sum up the art of writing poetry. Poetry as an art isn’t something grand or filled with verbatim but, it is us just discovering our thoughts and ourselves as we go on writing. I was barely … Continue Reading

The lines I clung on to in 2020

I live for the moments when I first discover perfectly well-crafted statements that speak of an unacknowledged truth that my heart so deeply longed for and then wished that it had said it first. But more importantly, I live for that moment when I am so awed by its beauty. And though there’s a tinge … Continue Reading

After Plath’s Fig tree analogy

This still from Bojack Horseman‘s last episode of season 1 evoked the fig tree analogy from Plath‘s novel, The Bell Jar which I always find myself going back to. Quoting the passage verbatim: “I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story. From the tip of every branch, … Continue Reading

Read a page before bed

Books always fascinated me as a child (and still do). I developed the habit of reading before bed or to be precise, reading in bed in my childhood. I’d be found reading Enid Blyton in bed, the night before the due date, trying to finish it before having to return it to the school library … Continue Reading

Stepping into the New Normal

The pandemic has affected our lives in many different ways and these collective experiences has impacted the society as a whole. Time has slowed down in many aspects of life, and the new normal has changed into something that could only be imagined in movies and fiction. On an individual or personal level, people have … Continue Reading