I have never started a poem whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.

Robert Frost

These lines sum up the art of writing poetry. Poetry as an art isn’t something grand or filled with verbatim but, it is us just discovering our thoughts and ourselves as we go on writing. I was barely fourteen when I first picked up my pen to jot down my thoughts and emotions into pretty short verses and rhymes. I have not looked back since then. I felt that poetry to me is a safe-haven: a comfort of sorts.

Poetry to me is:

The smell of petrichor, sweat, and blood,
Even those fleeting emotions like love,
Be it clouds, rainbows, and wet mud.
We can even write about pretty doves.

Everything seen-unseen,
Real or imaginary,
Those beautiful phantoms too,
Just pick up your pen dear
And let your words come true.

Poetry is an ocean to be explored, experimented but expressed. It has gained more importance with the rise of free verse, anyone can pen down a poem. There seems to be no regard for meter or rhyme in it.

Poetry is a feeling expressed through words

Soujanya Nyshadham

It is only us humans who are capable enough to sew words describing the beauty of the chilly full moon, that leafy shade of the mulberry trees, that glistening dew on the leaves in the early mornings, or that melancholic solitary reaper.

I feel that age does not restrict our creativity and constrict us from weaving these beautiful masterpieces. Pick up your pen and just go with the flow my dears.

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Amazingly put. I agree that poetry has been setting new standards and poetry is one of the best cathartic ways of expression. ❤️


You always amaze me with your writing
Keep growing loved it


Very beautifully written.keep up the good work.


Heart-warming and well written.


Great piece. Looking forward for more Poetry.


Wow this is amazing! ❤️


Nicely conveyed the need of Poetry, explore more the ocean of Poetry and certainly you will find new shores and much more.


Great penmanship Soujanya. Your point of view is always fresh. Looking forward to many more beautiful pieces.

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