Reading and Writing goes together, doesn’t it? To encourage the art of writing amongst our community, we had given the following writing prompt during our monthly Virtual BookClub meeting held on 28th Jan 2023. We were discussing the book – Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. The writing prompt related closesly to the book discussion, as the Book of the month consisted of 9 short stories.

The following are some of the splendid responses that we received by our BookClub members. They’re just a minute reads and we are sure they will leave you with a sense of inspiration. Let us know what you think of these in the comments below.

You can even try this activity and add your own below!

This is the story of Piku ✨

My story begins with a very dark night of June, with heavy rainfalls and lightening. That night happens to be the worse night of my life and the night my life changed forever.

On 25th June, Hyderabad was affected with very heavy rainfall. The lane I lived in was on the verge of getting completely flooded. I was wrapped in my mother’s warm arms with my brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

My eyes were barely open as I was just days old. Before I could process anything, I found myself getting washed away in the flood. I was in tears as I lost sight of my mother, brothers and sisters.

The next few days were a blur for me. When I opened my eyes to register my surroundings, I was being rescued out of a dumpster. I was given some food and water in the van. I recollect being in a cage with the others. I’m particularly not fond of that memory — being the same cage with the others. I was scared that I went to a corner and wrapped up myself in my own arms. I missed my mother so much that day. I somehow put myself to sleep. And days went by.

One morning, I woke up with the sound of an argument between two girls. I noticed them pointing their fingers at me and arguing with each other. I could gather by the situation that I wasn’t supposed to be rescued. After all, I’m just a normal Indie. Who would even think of taking someone like me home? All hope was lost. I had already given up on the fact that I could see my mother someday. The cage filled up to an extent that it started feeling smaller and smaller.

Just when all hope was lost, a miracle happened.

On a warm sunny afternoon of July, three women visited the organisation that had rescued me. When I saw them, I was immediately cautious. “What’s happening?”, I thought in my mind.

One of the women, held me in her hands and said, “Yes, this is the one.”

I’m the one for what?

Soon my questions were answered. I WAS ADOPTED BY THESE LOVELY WOMEN! I sensed a wave of happiness on my to place I now call “Home”.

Today, I’m a proud furry baby to three women, and I’ve been given a beautiful name – Piku. In a world, where exotic is what matters; I’m proud to be just a normal, rescued, Indie baby. And I hope just the way I found my way home, other dogs find permanence too ✨

-Mrinalini Majumdar
Story of a woman..

This is a story of a woman named Saku popularly known as Saku Aaai.She was born in a small vilage near Nasik to a very poor family. Mother and Father were both iliterate they raised her with love and affection and brought her up. She was their only child . Saku aai didnt go to school as she had no one to fund her she used to spend time playing with other kids in the village.

Amidst the death of her father she had to leave the village and move to the city to work for a living along with her mother. Sakku aai grew up in the city she was working as a caretaker in a family she met in the city.Afer a few years as saku aai turned 16 she went into depression looking at her helpless state her mother commited suicide. She was on her own after that episode.

Sakku aaai was on treatment sponsored by the family she was working for as a care taker. She was usually lost and had no direction further after staying in a Rehabilitataion centre for two weeks the staff in the hospital were friendly and understood her emotionally.They informed the family that she needs a life partner to attend to her emotional needs. She might progress in her mental health.

The family didnt take any responsibility and just left her at the rehab to survive . Saaku aai was monitired by the rehab officals and decided to take ownership. They got saaku aai married to a clerk who worked at the rehab and gave her a job at the centre . After a few years passed Saaku and her husband Prabhu face some tensions in their marriage and they were desperate to leave each other alone . Saaku tried to save her marriage but she found him to be unfaithful , she couldnt have spent the rest of her life in pain and torcher so she decided to join an aashram as a safe place to take shelter.
Being with god made her smile and she could welcome each day with posiitve energy. This made her feel safe and she wholeheartedly spent the rest of her life peacefully and feeling complete within and spreading spritual wisdom to one and all. Saaku aai went on a journey to become a gods messenger.

-Rekha bhoir

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