This poem titled “Mother” is a tribute to all those unsung heroes called Mothers – Our Everything. May your legacy live on forever.

Every morning, I hearken your gentle voice.
You say, “Wake up darling, wake up. Your time is now, to be.”

Everyday in my life, 
I aspire to have a look at you,
I peer into your pulchritudinous eyes,
Trying to express that it is I,

It is I who loves you the most,
Silly of me that I forget to tell you that, 
My every breath, my every want,
I bestow to thee.

A thousand times, I close my eyes,
Ye, be there with thou hands unfurled.
I fly to thee, I clasp your hand,
Never to yield.

You, the creator of all,
Mother, I revere thee;

I conclude my homage with a heart full of glee.

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