A free verse poem. It says that time and tide waits for no one. It keeps running. But our beautiful and soothing memories lives with us till the end. And the most beautiful part of life is SCHOOL. And the friends and the teachers we meet.

That bright big sky,
that green grown tree
I miss everyday.
That days of chirping
with buddy birds
I miss everyday.

That punishments and 
scolding of mentor
I miss everyday.
The fun to learn from
manners to habit
I miss everyday.

That uneasy competition
who can fly high?
I miss everyday.
That peaceful smile of mentor
on our silly questions
I miss everyday.

When they said, "You still
have to see the world,
You can't be here forever."
That speechless moments
and last farewell
I miss everyday.

Yes, we left our hometown,
to find our strength.
That will help us to fly
high and high one day.
So that, they would
proudly say, "Yes, this 
is my student whom I
taught someday!"

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