The beauty of English Vinglish

It has been more than a decade since English Vinglish was released, yet it stays fresh as ever! The strong screenplay and beautiful characterization are a perfect combination, which makes this film highly re-watchable. Also, another best thing about the film is it is ahead of its time and thus its long-lasting relevance. This blog … Continue Reading

Enriching and Enlightening Sessions

Covid is on the rise, I am at home in lockdown, our loved ones are sick, we’re all tired and everyday is uncertain. The days seem longer than ever before while simultaneously fusing into one. Hello from New Delhi, India. Hello from April 2020 2021. Our mornings start with a cup of chai and small … Continue Reading

Learning to create a Painting Journal

 Life is a beautiful canvas filled with an array of colours: observe it, rejoice it and recreate it. Soujanya Nyshadham Isn’t it wonderful that we get to see different scenarios of life every day all around us? It is a blessing in disguise that also provides a sense of purpose. Long gone are the days … Continue Reading

Experimenting with Miniature Art

Anything is Art if an artist says it is Marcel Duchamp It is amazing to find that many people find their calling in various fields. It might be painting, playing an instrument or dancing. Well I found Miniature Art amid this plethora of art forms. The love for Miniatures had started pretty early in my … Continue Reading

Realizations after attempting Acrylic Pouring

The artform of acrylic pouring has forever been enticing to me to say the least. Imagine not having to break your back and squint your eyes to be able to get some details of a painting just right! That freedom in itself was what made me watch countless YouTube videos about the techniques in the … Continue Reading

You don’t have to be good at something, for it to be good for you

My ukulele had been sitting in a corner in my room for months. A few months ago I had been really excited about learning to play it and getting a step closer to my hippie dream but amidst all of the hustle-bustle of the world and my inability to complete any task, it became only … Continue Reading

Am I artistic or not?

We all live with some false crutch that we give ourselves – some believe they aren’t good in math, or technology hates them, while others believe that they can’t draw or paint and aren’t artistic. Most of these false realities (learned helplessness) have been reinforced in us during our formative years either by the education system or … Continue Reading