Life is a beautiful canvas filled with an array of colours: observe it, rejoice it and recreate it.

Soujanya Nyshadham

Isn’t it wonderful that we get to see different scenarios of life every day all around us? It is a blessing in disguise that also provides a sense of purpose. Long gone are the days when people jotted its and bits of their everyday life to remember, recall, and recuperate from their happy times and sad times.

In the Journal I am at ease

Anaïs Nin

Journaling is a pretty known habit and a hobby that has been around for a long time. And as the famous saying by Anaïs Nin, a journal does act as a therapeutic friend that helps to let out all our bundles of emotions.

I also love jotting down these mundane moments that would become my most cherished memories down the lane. It would either be poetry or just a few quotes here and there. But, as an improviser that I am, I tried garnishing my thoughts lately with sketches and was pretty surprised. It creates a sense of euphoria that is unmatched.

A journal with words is pretty constrictive and tiring but, a beautiful journal filled with any form of art like doodles or mandalas but, mine stuck with beautiful landscapes, black n white sketches, and colourful acrylics being a nature lover at heart.

It was pretty satisfying to me. Neither size nor perfection comes into play. Journaling with colours is all about self-love. Putting down emotions onto paper in the form of beautiful shapes and splashes of colours helps to bring out your inner child. There are still books that are waiting for colours to be filled!

What are you looking for? Pick up a pen, a brush, and Go wild!

Journal and its beauty

First we scribbled,
Jotted down all we can.
Loss of words and syllables,
In search of something new we ran.

Splash of paints and funky doodles too,
Is bright as a candle light.
Or black and white powdery soot,
Is such a melancholic sight.

Pages and pages,
I have written and drew,
Tomorrow again,
I have to start anew.

The beauty of a journal,
Is a tale ages old.
But for centuries from now,
It will still be retold.

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Nicely expressed and shared your thougts. Keep it up Soujanya


The JOURNAL…is an Excellent work by you miss Soujanya…and canvasses are awesome.. Keep rocking


Great piece. Keep them coming.


PERFECT EXPLANATION. I loved the way you explained your points in details. Keep it up.


Wow! Never came across such a piece. Awesome work!

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