5 Disney Movies that are good for your Mental Health

Hello.How are you doing? Hope all is good with you. Is the current reality of the world bringing you down? Believe me, I understand. Been there! I will drift past talking about it because I wish to transcend the field of sorror – the horror that you feel because of all the sorrows and miseries … Continue Reading

It’s Okay to be Not Okay

The poem talks about accepting situations and living for the day. If bad times have fallen upon you then be sure that good times will surely follow. As Shri Krishna has said in the Bhagwad Gita : ”YEH SAMAY BHI BEET JAYEGA” Falling apart is okay Feeling weak is okay Feeling lonely is okay But … Continue Reading

I found Love

Love. Such a wonderful feeling. It ranges from the deepest feeling in our heart to the simplest pleasure we obtain from little things in life. A poem dedicated to this chemical reaction. No matter with what or with whom you fall in love, the journey will be wonderful. I found love I was walking by … Continue Reading