Love. Such a wonderful feeling. It ranges from the deepest feeling in our heart to the simplest pleasure we obtain from little things in life. A poem dedicated to this chemical reaction. No matter with what or with whom you fall in love, the journey will be wonderful.

I found love                                                              
I was walking by the brook,
With the fog nearing,
Covering the green of the trees,
The blues of the brook.

Oh! I was lost!
Lost in the vastness of the fog!
Suddenly, I saw you
You lent me your hand,
You guided me,
You aided me.

I was floating above the clouds,
My heart full of glee!
I was intoxicated by this love,
The love you gave me.

Finally, that awful day came!
When the dark clouds of self-doubt created a mayhem!
Was it love or pity?

The distance would grow!
As long as the brook would flow!
Once again, I saw you in the vastness of the fog.
You told me to follow!
I tried to keep up,
But failed to do so!

The memory of you made me start again,
At the end of the brook,
I found you again.

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