In this heart wrenching situation all we pray for our loved ones to be safe. Everybody is feared right now and should be actually. All the health workers have immensely worked for our country and it’s high time we start acknowledging them and thank them with all our lives for being there for us.

Mental peace and mental toughness have become hot topics to talk about. But has anyone thought about those people working day and night tired, sleepless, away from their families? I have been there and so can definitely understand their mindset. Seeing people succumb in front of you every hour, people pleading for lives, people waiting in queues create an atmosphere of negativity all around. It is difficult for our parents even to accept the fact that their child is going near death but they are filled with pride when they hear their child is saving someone. Still news of people beating doctors, throwing stones at them , giving them threatening, calling them thief and what not. It is disturbing. It feels really bad for those who have left everything behind and working for their nation.

A humble request to all the people out there reading this, please thank god for saving you from this havoc and then thank all the frontline workers and also our soldiers whom we forgot because they have been there for us since years. All we can do is stay home for ourselves and our loved ones. Take care and be grateful for your life always!

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Gratitude is the highest frequency we can be in ♥️


Its a true experience done not only by doctors and nurses but all the helping staff and specially the Pharmacy staff who are supplying the emergency and life saving drugs.


The least we can do is give respect to the ones who are risking their life to save our’s…..good one


Just amazing!!


It’s amazing! Really awesome!

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