Having a passion in your life is as important as your profession. It is like loving yourself subconsciously. Developing a passion may be an easy task because you know what you like to do. But knowing what you are inclined towards is very important. It can be anything arts, sports, reading, writing etc.

For me it was sports, always! Indoor and outdoor both have their own forte to play with. Definitely both of them need physical and mental toughness. The best thing to beat your opponent is by playing with their mind. Physical fitness is very important to have perfect stamina whilst you are playing. Being a super hyperactive kid who’d dance around whole day I started with skating. But what amazed a seven year old were people hooping beside me with a ball. Being a thin, frail and super skinny child, my mother took a decision about some vigorous exercising and helped me satisfy my curiosity too. What a win-win situation it was.

Next day, I was standing on that court, thrilled. Little did I know it was beginning of a journey, a journey that shaped my life! Basketball court is a like a home to me now. That place has seen people grow. Broken ankles and legs, teamwork, strategies and what not. Sportsman spirit is very important to inculcate even off the court. It helps you endure some pain and let go mistakes, sacrificing and accepting your failures. But at the same time, it gives you the courage to fight, to get up and win. Because in the end life is definitely a race: you win some, you lose some, but then that’s life.

Those 60 minutes of absolute fun and pressure brings you a beautiful output. You either win with your team or you learn for your team. Like in life you need someone’s assistance or you can assist someone to score. That’s life you need help sometimes or you have to help someone also. The time you spend in your dressing room gossiping and having fun turns out to be one of the best times with your friends. It helps in bonding with others. The state and national level tournaments teach you to be patient enough to understand and learn from different people at the same time. The selectors are like judges who judge you every second and you continuously have to prove yourself better than the rest. Staying away from family with minimum facilities was also fun. Those bruises, ankle twists, fractures, super tanning too have become a part of who you are and how dedicated you are for your passion. Learn to be your favourite critic and explore your likings. You’ll find something that satisfies your soul too!

The best thing I have learned from basketball is you need to basket to score and to score you need to try! After all it’s just not a ball and a hoop; it is definitely more than that. Thank yourself everyday for finding a beautiful reason to live and live better every other day.

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Absolutely true!!


Awesome krinu… keep it up and All the best

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