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What is grief, if not love persevering?

A dialogue which we heard and instantly connected to at the start of this year. We all experience this emotion after losing someone/something we loved. Grief is an emotion that is so strong, it weakens us to the core.

But a thing about Grief is that it’s not restricted to being just an emotion; it is a journey on its own. Here, I’ve tried to write about Grief as a journey; how this journey impacts us and changes us in its eccentric way.

Grief; the strongest emotion around which our lives revolve constantly.

It brings a bag of all other emotions together, making everything difficult.
A journey in its own- grief transcends your soul to a dreary land; which seems impossible to escape.
The strong gust pins and knocks the soul down into submission, sending it deeper. A feeling of restlessness evokes within, which makes it hard to flourish.

One questions every single decision they’ve made regarding the person/thing, elevating the guilt in some way.

As the soul goes deeper, it feels a sense of calmness around. Volatile at first, the land is soothing at its core.
Generally perceived as dark, the core gets enlightened once the memories of that someone/something gets attached to it.
The soul can drown fully into remorse here which is the only way out.

All the exasperation soon fades away, & it’s just you and the one you miss the most, at the core. Isn’t that beautiful?
Grief reignites your connection with that someone/something, which is not even physically present anymore.
Ultimately, the soul sees the light and levitates to escape the dreary land, into the real world.

The world then feels fresh, there are a lot of little things that you start feeling grateful for. Such as the beautiful sight of sunrise, birds chirping outside the window, the aroma of soil, the ability to breathe, to live without any remorse, and the beautiful sight of sunset to end the day.

Grief captivates one to submerge in its all inky glory, to fathom the incessant restlessness; only to come out and prevail.

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