Hi! This blog is about some of the poems that I have written recently which describe the ongoing situation in some ways. The poems revolve around our daily lives and talk about society, love, hope and introspection. Hope you guys like it!


This poem is about the power of true love which remains unaffected even when the world around is trembling. As long as you are with your loved ones, the rest of the things becomes secondary. All you need is solace in such times, making you forget about the rest of the things.

William Shakespeare once said, “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of doom.”


When the land trembles with terror,
When the seas break into cyclones,
When the air becomes noxious,
When the world is ablaze,
I see us,
Curled up,
With you between my arms,
Blowing kisses on our foreheads,
Circumventing the chaos deity.


This piece talks about the never-ending question i.e. the existence of heaven, a real-life place with no hardships, conflicts and just peace and tranquillity. There’s a strong chance that a place (situation) like this does exist but it is not visible to us.

This piece tries to find why aren’t we able to find this place, even though everyone is trying to find it.

Underneath the bridge,
Near the ecstasy,
Lies a place.
Yet difficult to prevail,
Yet somehow connected to the bay. 
Concealed by hypocrisy,
Trapped in the web of despondency,
Imperceptible to mankind. 

The poems arise a lot of questions but in the end provides hope, which is exactly what we want in such situations! No matter how dark and unless the tunnel is, it is that one ray of light that helps us get through. No matter how dark the situation is, we will always find a ray of hope which will make everything better.


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