Mother nature is a magnificent embodiment which creates and nurtures us to thrive and survive. It is considered as a creator and at the same time, a destructor following an imbalance in nature due to human interruption.

Nature in its purest form transcends us into a state of relaxation and a calm mind, giving us the much needed release from our inner suffering and the surrounding negativity.

The beautiful sunrise is an indication of a positive start to our day with the melodious chirping of the birds acting as a soothing balm, combined with fresh air and waving trees.

The magical hues adorning the sky during the sunset are a sight to behold, leaving us spellbound while relishing the ambience of nature.

Nature, undoubtedly, has an innate ability to heal the restless soul, while rejuvenating our whole being and filling us with a sense of peace, with a million thoughts, in our mind, running in a different direction while opening the chambers of our imagination.

The true healing power of nature cannot be underestimated as, after all, what we need after a long and an exhausting day or during the difficult phase of life when we are feeling extremely low is a quiet place with nature at its best, surrounded with positivity and a hope to move forward.

Little things like the cloudy sky indicating the arrival of rain, the first, tiny droplet of rain falling on us, the pitter patter of the rain and the drastic change in the atmosphere which heightening our senses with the earthy scent, also known as petrichor fills us with pure rush and joy and thus, uplifting our mood.

Spending some alone time and enjoying the beauty of nature can not only aid in eliminating the negative thoughts but also replaces them with an optimistic attitude and a peaceful mind.

Lastly, nature can therefore be described as generator of a whirlwind experience, integrating our emotions and thoughts and assisting us to find ourselves and the force within us. It is indeed a stress buster, which promotes and accelerates both our mental and physical well-being.

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