“Never give up listening to the sound of birds.”

John James Audubon

This quote strikes me now in an altogether different way while staying in a small flat on the fifteenth floor. It has been almost two years since we moved to Mumbai, but my mind still reels back to the time we were in Pune. I missed sitting in the chill breeze of the veranda and just silently admiring the yellow-spotted sparrows, chattering dark Mynas accompanied with the occasional fresh chirps of the adorable bulbul couple seated on the overhead dish.

Now, staying amid a metropolitan city, the colourful sight of the myriad birds was pretty scarce. I did feel dejected the first few months, missing my home and also still adapting to the new place. It was only after a few months of settling in that I was pretty surprised to hear the startling sounds of birds. It felt like home. The sounds were a wonderful melody composed just for my ears.

As I spent each passing day searching for them, I realized it is not every day that we humans take the time to entertain ourselves with the whims and fancies of the wild. But as days went by, my life off-late has started revolving around these astonishing creatures. It has indeed become unique that I have not only listened keenly but rather kept an eye out for the beauties. 

I wake to the gentle serenade of the cuckoo at seven in the morning, welcoming another beautiful day. Although, a sore sight to my eyes and ears are my regular morning visitors, the large lovely crows. They are pure beauties and have quite a few distinct calls. It is marvellous to see their funny antics for their daily treats.

As the day goes by, the shrill screeches of the eagle couple in the afternoon resonate all over. That powerful echo never ceases to amaze me. The eagles with their large wingspan continuously circle hours together, taking in the sultry afternoon air and embracing it. The eagles do seem to live up to their name as “kings of the birds.” 

“The most abundant are the least appreciated.”    

Soujanya N

As I love hearing to various sounds of these wild avian, I must give the due credit to the adorable pigeons as well. These most abundant birds are always angry and zooming away in their little circles. They are best known for their songs: the lengthy continuous coos. It neither tires them out nor gets bored. I find it puzzling that they are least appreciated.

The barely visible sun in the backdrop and the sky turns its usual blue-black hue. It is six in the evening with pure chaos in the air. The atmosphere is filled with the goodnight screeches of the parrots. The lush green wild parrots fly haphazardly from one building to another. They seem to be hurrying to their homes. These chaotic screeches are so entertaining and amusing to hear, but it is their punctuality that has taught me many lessons. 

It is after months of enjoying the company of these wild birds that I have come to an understanding. I have learnt that “Birds” are pretty flexible. These birds of the wild adjusted and adapted beautifully to these concrete structures. 

In the same way, I wish we also learn to live flexibly and overcome our obstacles.

I want to conclude with “The Voice of a pigeon”.

Walking and cooing,
I stand on a bar. 
Zooming and singing,                      
I know I will never fall.

I and my family observe, 
The crow’s routine call.
Showing off his curve, 
Isn’t he just a doll? 

For treats are his favourite,
Those plain rice balls.
Off he flies to meet his cousin alright,
That unseen cuckoo and his disturbing calls.

Then comes Mr.Eagle,
Screeching all high and mighty.
Wings spread, Oh! So regal,
And smirks ever so slightly.

I sleep, a single-legged nap,
Dreaming of ways to be angry.
Screeches and haphazard flaps,
Those green parrots, Ah! They make me cranky.

I try to live, love and embrace,
These birds of various colours.

But they keep getting into my space, 
All it does is it angers!!

Eating and sleeping is all I do,
Pestering others is a favourite too.

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Lovely ❤️.. reminded me of the times I used to enjoy the bliss and beauty of nature


Nice work Soujanya. I really liked your style of writing. Loved the way you appreciated something we see and hear everday but forget to stop and wonder at its beauty. Looking forward to more of your work. All the best.


Plz post more.. ❤️


Loved it Souji ❤️❤️


Wow! Such a great article. Love to see more posts from you.The poem made my day!!! Keep going Soujanya!

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