Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

It is a famous saying that resonates time and again with everyone. There are myriad forms of beauty, but nature is the perfect one and overshadows the others. It is only now, during the  pandemic, that people have started appreciating the beauty of nature.

Nature is known for its play with colors and embellishments for us to gaze, embrace and appreciate.

It has become a beacon of hope for people to observe nature’s canvas splattered with bright orange to lemonish yellow, dark greys and silent still blacks. The lockdown has been a blessing, due to the ample time available to us. Even though we lost track of time, nature never ceased to surprise and accompany us.

It started with waking up early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sun, taking in a deep breath listening to chirping birds, just taking all this freshness which was missing in our fast lives. The seasons did change, but for the first time in many years we truly witnessed the hottest summers, the rain filled clouds, and those otherworldly rainbows amidst the jungle of buildings.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere

Vincent Van Gogh

This pandemic made me fall in love with not only sunsets and clouds, but also these surreal concrete structures, basking in these bright chromatic effects. I felt as if nature was my personal companion, my favorite TV show just right out of the window, never letting me down.

It is only moments like these that we get to take a break, breathe and live life to the highest potential. I urge everyone to just open the window and immerse in the eternal picturesque of nature.

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