We have seen the destruction of forests, extinction of species and the life-threatening disasters caused by humans.

For how long are we going to ignore the climate change, disregarding it as a mere hypothetical occurrence?

Realize the raging threats looming over our heads. It’s time to wake up!

Realize the importance of protecting our only planet. If not now, there would only be unforgivable sins, unforgettable regret and unimaginable chaos, leading the world to the brink of existence.

It is not too late to reverse the terrible consequences of our actions, to give our future generation a better place to live and a healthy life to lead.

But beware, because the worst is yet to come. Earth is not ours to exploit, but what is ours is the responsibility to resurrect our planet.

Now, a question may arise here on how to reverse the ongoing catastrophe.

Here, you all can play a small but a significant role by raising awareness, by making small but sustainable changes in your lifestyle and by thinking about the future generations before taking any step disastrous step that would further annihilate our planetary life.

Like the heart is responsible to keep us alive, the absence of human involvement and interruption is necessary for the survival and flourishing of our environment.

Sidelining the grave consequences of our actions on the environment, being responsible for the extinction of countless species and disrespecting the principle of co-existence has only succeeded in defeating the very purpose of our existence.

Every day we see the negative impact of our actions on the environment, the news of raging forest fires at on place and the news of the world’s largest iceberg breaking off an Antarctic ice shelf. These news are alarming enough of the oncoming destruction and yet we choose to turn a blind eye on these.

The least we could do now is to acknowledge the looming danger, if not taking a step towards preventing it and it is important to understand that a little contribution from our side can lead to a whole lot of improvement of our environment’s condition.

I sincerely hope that my concern for our future is perceived in such a way that it brings about a positive impact on you all and will succeed in making you work diligently towards the restoration of our now lifeless environment.

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