“Big dreams in Blue” hits that sweet spot of just having moved on from a bad break-up. The tone of the poem is not melancholic. On the contrary, it feels like waking up from a hypnotic slumber of murky oblivion. It feels like the early morning rays of sun falling on your freshly washed face as you sip a hot cup of chai. It is every feeling of love of the self that you hadn’t felt in so long. To refer to the poem, it kinda feels like taking control of the wheel after so long!

I sit, I drive;
I take the wheel.
No one to question; no soul to answer.
My journey? All mine to feel!

You think your palace, too good for me?
You think what I offer can be unseen?
Ego trippin because "you could so totally sear her"?
Middle finger salute to you, in the rear view mirror.

Responsibilities, aspirations a constant seesaw?
Eventual balance and subsequent ease off.
How am I to do it? I've got no clue!
But please stay and witness me fulfill my Big dreams in blue. 

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