Life is a platform where you find many people. Some just pass by, some stay for a certain amount of time, some teach you lessons that is necessary for you to learn and a very few make a place in your heart forever.

But there always occurs a confusion between connections and attachments. A confusion between who really loves you and who is acting love.

Relations with a great connection of heart stays even when situations become unstable. And in those relations, you find the real you more beautiful, you understand your real value, you start to work on yourself to be the most amazing version of yourself. And at the end of each day there will be a smile of satisfaction, a fragrance of peace.

A feeling that everything is going to be alright. A trust that someone is there for you even when the whole world is against you.

The true connection is when you are loved the way you deserve to be, when your decisions are respected, when you are free to express your point of view. And if you don’t find anyone who can be there for you, who can love you, who trust you and make you fall in love with yourself then just get up and go in front of the mirror. You will find the most beautiful creation of the universe who will always be there for you, who will stand by your side in any battle.

The best kind of love is
Because it’s the only way
You can experience all other forms of love

The point we all should remember is that you form beautiful relation with people when you have a great connection with yourself. So, if you have not proposed yourself yet do it. Plan something special for yourself.

Be your own best friend
Then you will never be lonely.
Just ask yourself
Will you be my friend?
I’m sure it will be a yes.

Always remember one thing never force yourself to be in a relation where each day you are losing a part of you.

Love is that rain that can wash away all the pain so let yourself dance in the rain and be free.

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