The poem ‘Fictitious Life’ deals with life of sacrifices of dreams to get a better future for our loved ones. This poem also deals with variations in decisions taken due to things being told by people and heart. This free verse poem is enhanced by repetition, alliteration and inversion.  

Standing on the fire of hesitation
I collect the bricks of ice, 
Given by those who cannot handle
The water beneath their eyes. 
Some say to write in grief, 
When I feel to weave in love. 
They say to climb for career, 
When I can fly with my dreams. 
Nation doesn’t stop me asking questions, 
But then they like it fictitious around. 
And when I wrote a duplets drama, 
Then they seek stanzas sonnet. 
When I stand emotional, 
Talking on friendship, 
They teach me this is life. 
And now when I adore the nature, 
Walk through the books, 
Singing a ballad, 
Going towards my career, 
Suddenly my heart exclaims, 
“Dear, this is your fictitious life!”

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