We all have busy schedules and deadlines to meet, so we often forget to think about ourselves, especially during these unprecedented times. It might be quite overwhelming and there’s always a chance of an impending mental breakdown and this highlights the need to take some time off from the hustle and bustle of our daily life to spend it with us.

When we spend some time for ourselves and with ourselves, we tend to self-introspect where we cross examine our thoughts and feelings to assimilate the millions of thoughts scattered in our mind and find the root causes of our extreme reactions towards a particular situation or a person.  

We also start interpreting the crucial factors influencing our behavior towards our family, peers or colleagues and at times, regret going overboard. Even though we cannot change it, we certainly can control it and try to deal with it patiently. This also points out the need to try to keep our emotions in check and manage them efficiently as it not only affects us but also the people beside us and our interpersonal relationships.

Self-introspection, thus, plays a very significant role in making us understand ourselves thoroughly and all we need is a quiet place, preferably a favorite place or a place which stimulates our positive mindset and then construe the events which took place recently or drastic changes which impacted you in any sort of way.

Undoubtedly, only we can understand what we are going through, which means that only we can push ourselves towards the brink of self-realization. Others can only enlighten us about the various alternatives available to us, but only we can make the final decision corresponding to the right choice and this is possible when we are only with ourselves.

It is, definitely, important for us to know ourselves better, the way we are functioning and to dig deeper into the nuances of our thoughts and feelings. This will make us become more aware of our thoughts and will lead to an organized quest for the answers that we are seeking. It also provides us with a sense of direction, navigates us through a side of us which was, perhaps, left unexplored and might better prepare us for the oncoming events in our life.

In these difficult times, we certainly need some time off from everything that’s been going on in our life, to bond with ourselves, to connect with our thoughts and to restore the relationship that we have with ourselves.

Lastly, we all need to certainly instill the habit of self-introspection as only when we invest time for ourselves, is when we can become emotionally stable and control ourselves from derailing from the path of rationality.

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