As the name suggests this poem talks about an illusionary friend…a companion who is always there but not around…a Phantasm which is as real as it gets in this virtual world we are existing in! (Loosely inspired by June month’s ES Virtual BookClub writing prompt.)

Goodbye to unconditional love, amigo!
We’ve known each other since long ago.
It was paper boats and planes till we were nine or ten,
then as we grew… it became pencils and pens.
In teenage years… came the heartaches and men,
With midnight tattles about hopes and dreams every now and then.

Goodbye to prom nights and dressing-up just right!
By sixteen we were like twin sisters…
giggling and bitching in whispers.
Nothing and no one could keep us apart…
certainly no fever or blisters,
not distance… neither lessons and
definitely no misters!

Goodbye to city lights and
hanging onto each other tight!
When life got us to busier streets…
We still made time to always meet.
I still remember your soiled car seat
and that senseless midnight tweet.
Even when cupid struck, I had your back
so you did not get cold feet.
And then the miracle… the tiny baby feet,
I felt a love so pure and sweet!

Goodbye to my heart and soul…
will I ever again feel whole?
How can I… when being around
for you was my only goal?
But you don’t need me anymore 
and I am so glad
you are finally out of that blackhole.
I would get down on my knees
to pray that your life is
forever a drumroll!

Goodbye to you my dearest one!
You know I am here whenever
you need care and fun.
Your new life has just begun…
always look forward and think of
everything that you have outrun.
Now spring and birds in the air…
there is love and light everywhere…
And remember… just think of me
And I will be there!

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Beautiful story telling! kudos!


Very nicely written,smooth read !!! Best wishes !


Saloni loved your words. So very well penned emotions. Very well expressed. Congratulations. Looking forward to reading more of your work.


Very Well Written


A bonfire of emotions. Well written.


Loved the emotions.. beautifully penned.. congratulations


Inspirational and neatly woven.

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