Why do I Forget?

A simple 5 line poem titled “Why do I Forget?” to inspire and remind us that we are all capable of Infinity. All we need to do is look within. #ESBookClub Why do I forget? Why do I forget I am whole? Why do I forget I am happy? Why do I forget I am … Continue Reading

Self Love – Key to Inner Happiness

Every little start-up needs an investment. In the same way, to start your success journey you need to invest maximum of yourself, a little amount of money and some luck. But this definitely needs self confidence, to believe in oneself needs the ability and the power to love yourself: the power to put yourself first. … Continue Reading

10 Things to do in the Lockdown to Lift your Spirits Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire world in a way that no one would have ever imagined. It has been over a year since we were confined to our homes. Initially, there was not much problem as reruns of various tv shows, social media trends and several activities kept us busy, but it lived … Continue Reading

Enriching and Enlightening Sessions

Covid is on the rise, I am at home in lockdown, our loved ones are sick, we’re all tired and everyday is uncertain. The days seem longer than ever before while simultaneously fusing into one. Hello from New Delhi, India. Hello from April 2020 2021. Our mornings start with a cup of chai and small … Continue Reading

Shine on! Keep on Loving Yourself

The amount of pleasure doesn’t matter when the intensity of it is greater. Just by seeking your inner self and qualities within, you can be the happiest person. Master your mind to seek a different kind of race in life, understand the luckiest factor you have and absorb the best qualities from others. “Try not … Continue Reading

The Magic of Little Things

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, chatted the raindrops falling against the narrow strip of the railing of yet another ordinary flat in the crowded lanes of the city. The colony had a sheen of moisture, with colorful umbrellas being drawn out and school children rushing to find shelter. Zoning out again, my mind visualized a pause at that … Continue Reading

Cascade – A Poem

Slow the pace to lifecame along days to findhaven’t so late to ridewhere to we seek and hide? Roved all these roads,to and fro the hill.Steep or heap ahead,hold they firm to will. A step or more to lentimprints carve all,rustless! not be silentlands the dream on wall. Drastic you feel nowconsistent, days prove onwhen … Continue Reading

After Plath’s Fig tree analogy

This still from Bojack Horseman‘s last episode of season 1 evoked the fig tree analogy from Plath‘s novel, The Bell Jar which I always find myself going back to. Quoting the passage verbatim: “I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story. From the tip of every branch, … Continue Reading

Stepping into the New Normal

The pandemic has affected our lives in many different ways and these collective experiences has impacted the society as a whole. Time has slowed down in many aspects of life, and the new normal has changed into something that could only be imagined in movies and fiction. On an individual or personal level, people have … Continue Reading

Things that seem selfish, but aren’t

It was a couple of days back when I suddenly stopped in my tracks and the weight on my chest seemed to be lighter. It was long overdue to say the least. Perhaps people out there who do not wish to bother others with their troubles can relate to this: we try to hold things … Continue Reading