“You can make anything by writing.”

C.S. Lewis

It’s all about letting your imagination run free. To encourage this amongst our community, and as a part of our weekly #ESBookClub activity, we asked them to write down a 5 line free verse poem on a topic of their choice. It could be about love, friendship, laughter, or anything else.

We received some splendid responses. They’re just 30 second reads and we are sure they will leave you with a sense of inspiration. You can even add your own 5 line free verse poem on the Instagram post or feel free to add them below as a comment.

Why do I forget?
Why do I forget I am whole?
Why do I forget I am happy?
Why do I forget I am positivity?
Why do I forget I am ME?
A journey towards self-realization,
Had reconstituted her self-esteem,
Making her embrace her true worth,
Filling her heart with a newfound warmth coupled with self assurance,
And finally, enabling a mindful transition towards a hopeful future.
Its raining cats and dogs,
Rats and mice,
Hats and Ties…
Tikki,ketchup and french fries,
Oh when will I become wise
It is very easy to play blame game
In this process, we commit the mistake to control others and tame them!
Always remember –
your deeds are a reflection of your own thoughts,
Therefore, it’s best to focus on yourself and utilise all “your” time slots 🙂
I promise you, I will love you forever,
Like those tiny droplets,
On daffodil flower,
Like those love birds,
Drenched in rain shower.
The rain came rushing my way as I forgot my umbrella at home today,
I looked in front, I looked behind, a dry spot nowhere could I find,
Until I met a giant tree who took me in its home for free,
I fell asleep in its gentle embrace,
And awoke with a toad on my face.
The world had frozen.
The fears increased!
She stumbled upon her scattered dreams.
Still, she stood- tall and bold!
The warmth in her heart, melted the ice around her atleast! ❤️
I seek no fame,
I crave no acclaim
I serve to love.
It’s friendship that I treasure.
And the real teacher is Nature.
Love causes pain!
Love causes hatred!
Love creates anger!
Then my dear,
This is not love!
Love is beyond any confinements,
Love is to listen,
Love is to resonate,
Love is definitely more than making promises,
Love is equivalent to infinity.
The sky looked like a cotton candy,
enjoying the landscape with daddy,
hearing the pitter patter of the rain,
wishing all my worries could drain,
oh what a relief pill it will be to the brain!
Her heart sang.
She felt ecstatic.
She was still smiling,
And just kept smiling…
Enjoying the rain with a hot cup of coffee.❤
Dear spring ,
Please stay forever ,And make my garden
As an enduring art of a craftman
So that, My psyche may bask in
And enjoy the psithurism of leaves
The tangled hair .
The hairy girl .
The girly boy .
The boy who cried .
The cries you heard and chose to soothe .
The Winds heavy and dark,
Caressed the leaf parched,
Had you lost hope little one?
It shook, it strained, looked up and smiled,
The Clouds melted and poured their love out.
It’s Karma What you give you get in return from universe.
You give happiness you get happiness.
You give positivity you get positivity.
Why my child you spread sadness when you want happiness.
Give love my child and It will return back to you in uncertain ways for sure.
You are glamorous and blunt,
like a cat in the wild..!
you are happiest and saddest
like a sorrowful movie under the stary sky…!
you have been always mine…my life…!
O Heart say it naah.
O heart why wait.
Just say it naah.
He is waiting for u there.
O heart just say it naah…
She loves a man.
He was a perfect He-MAN.
He didn’t need her.
She feels herself a waste in the world.
He helps her to feel that.
She knew he is the one,
Who can enlight her soul, 
Can add spark to her life,
And can make her heart bloom,
But she’s afraid to confess.
Let’s take a Pause for a minute.
Keep away all the stresses behind.
Let’s feel the beauty all around.
Let it loosen up your mind for a while.
Let’s be us just you & me 🙂
No doubt we all loved our families
Never saw life 2.0 unveiling the pandemic
Fear of losing is a nightmare we live with
Got no control on this hurricane
Besides chanting prayers full of well being and quality time with family.
Hare up in the heavens encircles this orb,
Twinkles of light appears to absorb,
Half dark, half light. Shines from above.
Listening close at time’s,
Others enhance with sweetness and secrets which fly,
Serenity and magical mystery,
From the sky.
They may say,
Learn Literature to Love Life,
Laugh out Loud for Long Life,
Live the Life you Long for,
Leave the Losses that Leaves you,
Let us Love Love and Love our Life . 
Over moist river bed, he sleeps.
On colorful rainbow stairs, he walks.
He plays with every fauna
and dances on echo beat of forest.
Almighty is everywhere, Don’t be alone! 
Once a yogi, of the century,
had deep faith in the youth of the country.
Said the yogi to youth of today,
talk to your conscience  once a day.
You have to progress from inside out,
which will make your country happy and proud.

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