Everyone has dreams. No doubt. It says a dream can give you everything but before you need to dream. And being a dreamer is like a hero of your own life. But, if there is happiness then there is sorrow also. Yes, we know, with which situation we are passing by. But trust yourself. It’s your destination who is waiting for you on the other side of time. Be persistent on your dreams!

Everyone has motive and dream in their life;
Which makes them happy and brings a smile;
Yes! It makes us happy which is beautiful and bright;
To achieve it, we can do anything but sometime

And something takes us to black night..
That doesn't let us to be silent and fine.

These is the moment, with which we fight
Of happiness and merry, to see the light.
At last, with some talent and hard work;
With perseverance and blessing of someone,

We see the sunshine..
Eventually shining yellow and bright..

We see our dream comes true, 
And the whole world seems new.
Yes, at last with determination
We approach toward our destination,
Our destination!

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It’s really heart touching thanks for the hard work and plz keep doing


I like this poem. I pray for your bright future in writing…. ❤❤

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